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"People go a lifetime to find a horse like this."
                 ~Steve Gula, owner


Mula Gula is a horse who has by any stretch of the imagination defied the odds. This unlikely tale of success began more than thirty years ago, when Ben Gula began to dabble in Thoroughbred horse racing. The racehorses he owned led his son Steve to conclude that the Sport of Kings was best left for those looking for a tax write-off.

Steve Gula, a native of Washington state, was acquainted with local bloodstock agent Dana Halvorson, who approached him with the offer to buy a horse on his behalf, suggesting Gula set aside a budget of $50,000 for the purchase. Gula was hesitant to become involved in a losing venture but, reluctant to turn Halvorson down, authorized a budget of about half that amount. Gula believed that with a lower dollar figure he would not hear back from Halvorson.  Read more...